Parcels is a securities, property, and tax regulatory compliant platform for tokenizing real estate on the blockchain, maximizing lifecycle value, liquidity through Ai Exchange, and equitable ownership.

Capital Formation, Liquidity Platform & Regulated Exchange for Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Institutional and Retail Investors, REITs, Broker-Dealers, and Developers.

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“About 1% of real estate trades yearly. Lowering the barriers of entry through tokenization is a meaningful advancement for liquidity. Millions of people, who otherwise would not have real estate in their portfolio, are going to deepen the marketplace and radically change trading velocity through fractionalized ownership.”


The Real Estate Digital Securities Asset Protocol Enabled Ecosystem

The Parcels™ Real Estate Digital Securities (REDS) Protocol objective is to facilitate an architecture model focused on the needs of real estate securitization life-cycle scenarios. Designed in a flexible manner allowing for regulatory and business adaptation, continuous innovation, and seamless service delivery.

Protocol is a set of rules governing the exchange or transmission of data. Building blockchain agnostic digital securitization protocols for real estate transactions, with the flexibility to address existing regulatory business rules and future requirements, permits ecosystem partners to standardize interfaces in a secure, private, and globally compliant manner, while promoting innovation and a higher quality user experience.

A Parcels real estate digital security token represents rights to a single square foot of the property
Trade fractionalized real estate as a digital security token 24/7 worldwide
Regulatory compliance through technology and Parcels expertise is imbedded into each token
Optimization of real estate tax treatment in ownership and trading
Increase liquidity depth through a global equitable platform and lower barriers of entry
Capture new sources of monetarization in the age of blockchain and AI

Parcels is at its core a real estate lifecycle value generating company. The focus is on real estate and all its regulatory, tax, and business attributes.

Property tokenization secures the rights to a real estate asset onto a digital token, allowing Parcels to reimagine capital formation, liquidity, and investment. Available on a worldwide platform, lowering the barriers to real estate investment with an open invitation for everyone to participate and prosper.

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